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The museum has it’s own site with pricing and visiting hours

Museum News

The Videogame History Museum started almost 25 years ago. We’re continually ramping up our activities to reach our goal: a museum that is all-inclusive, comprehensive, and interactive, containing every game made for every system, every piece of promotional material made for each game, every revision of every console, and more.

Find out what we’ve been up to and where we’ll be next…

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Donate Now

We truly appreciate any contributions! If you’d like to help with a financial gift, please click on the Donate button above.

If you’d like to volunteer your time, or if you have physical artifacts for the museum, let’s talk!

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Classic Game News

If you think that all the news about classic games is buried in the past, think again!

There’s so much happening in the classic gaming world today, from trade shows and conferences like Classic Gaming Expo, to current releases of classic games on new platforms, to books, articles and CDs, and the list goes on. Don’t miss out — make sure you know the latest news about your favorite classic games and platforms

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